where east meets west

plant powered. science backed.

A next-generation luxury wellness brand with products for the healing of mind, body and spirit.

A strong inner essence or ‘jing’ empowers people to feel good from the inside out.

Find your inner jing today.

formulated with experts

We have worked with a team of TCM practitioners and trichologists to develop a unique and effective formula that is rich with science-backed ingredients and an optimal blend of Asian herbs and botanical actives.

rooted with our founders story

Amidst the pandemic, two old friends reconnected over new chapters in life; Hazel was about to enter motherhood and Ivan had returned from New York, now in his thirties. Bonding over similar concerns - scalp sensitivities and hair loss - they noticed a lack of high efficacy, luxury and clean products that addressed their needs. 

Turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the pair quickly saw great results with herbal remedies. Inspired by the holistic approach, they starting dreaming up an elevated approach to leverage the bioactive power of TCM and combine it with modern beauty science. 

Alongside TCM practitioners and a team of scientists in Korea, they began their journey to creating a next-generation wellness brand.

Jing Botanics is a celebration of holistic healing and empowering of our inner essence that is grounded in both tradition and innovation.

May you find your inner jing today.

- Hazel and Ivan